Meeting Minutes – 03/16/21


Town of Knox


Selectmen Meeting Minutes

In attendance Galen Larrabee, Loni-Ann Spaulding, William Ingraham, Walter Thompson Jr.

Open meeting at 6:06pm

Willie motion to except previous meeting minutes Galen 2nd 2-0 pass

Bruce went to the central office to reserve a day and time to hold annual town meeting at Mount View High School. 

Galen tried to get a hold of Bond Company today and left message.

Book will be out soon having printer issues called Printer Company to come fix.

Basil Littlefield want to know if can open up a medical marowana store at him home.  He meets all the state MSR’s.  Needs to get permission from neighbor because building placement will be to close to property line.  He has spoken with Walter Thompson.  Walter will have to talk with David and Basil about permits.  He may have to meet with the appeals board. 

Willie motion to close meeting at 6:50pm Galen 2nd 2-0 pass

Loni-Ann Spaulding

Town Clerk

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