Selectmen Meetings

Selectmen meet at 6:00 p.m. on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Town of Knox


Galen Larrabee, Bruce Grass, William Ingraham, Loni-Ann Spaulding

Open meeting at 6:15pm

Discussion on about the Cemetery’s and what Marilyn and Sally are doing with the maps.

Discussion on Bojames Spaulding’s Snowplow contract.

Galen and Loni have been going over the budget during office hours and trying to straighten things out to make sure the money was taken out of the right accounts.  Framing around the hearse house windows needs to be redone per the insurance. 

Loni needs to get nomination papers made up.  Last Saturday of March for town meeting 03/27/21 @ 10:00 am. Secret ballot vote will be held 0/26/21.

Budget meetings will start on 01/19/21.

Selectmen would like to have a contract with Peter Nerber for his position as ACO.  He does not have a contract at this time.  4000.00 For the position.

Put mileage up for everyone to .60 per mile.

Need to get a plaque for Beverly Travers.

Bruce motion to close meeting, Willie 2nd meeting closed 8:06pm

Loni-Ann Spaulding

Town Clerk

Town of Knox


In attendance Galen Larrabee, Loni-Ann Spaulding, William Ingraham, Bruce Grass

Bruce motion to except previous meeting minutes Willie 2nd 3-0 pass.

Willie motion to dedicate the 2020 Annual Town Meeting Book to Beverly Travers being the oldest resident in the town Bruce 2nd 3-0 pass.

Galen spoke with Bill Kelley about Northern Data Systems and the current bill they have sent the town.  He recommended to pay the bill and be done with Northern Data Systems.  Bruce motion to cancel the $1000.00 check the town had previously sent to NDS and to pay the new bill amount of $4275.00, Willie 2nd 3-0 pass

Galen and Willie met with two of the Town of Freedom Selectmen and The Freedom Fire Chief on Monday 02/08/2021 to discuss the Fire protection budget for the town.  The Town of Freedom agreed to the 2% increase.  He has also spoken with someone from the Town of Brooks and they told him they would have to speak with the Brooks Fire Chief and they would get back to him.  He hasn’t heard back yet.  He also went to the town of Thorndike to speak with a Select person but no one was there he left a note for them to get a hold of him so they could discuss the fire protection contract and budget with them. 

Loni looked into and spoke with a different tech support company because they were having trouble with the current tech support getting back to them in the office in a timely manner.  Galen motion to change tech Support Company from Archangel to Beneficial Technologies Willie 2nd 3-0 pass. 

We will also be getting a quote to upgrade the computers in the office.  Galen would like to see each of the Girls have two screens to be able to work more effetely when people come into the office and Galen needs an up graded computer as well. 

Galen got an extension on the bond paper work, Brue is helping him complete it so it can be sent out by Monday. 

Galen ordered a load of salt for sand pile but will be needing another load soon. 

Galen motion to close meeting at 7:11pm Bruce 2nd 3-0 pass. 

Loni-Ann Spaulding

Town Clerk